I, Hannah, wrote this as my little brother told it. Here are a three-year-old’s stories:

Once upon a time there was a beaver. And then there was a scary little mouse that was just nibbling the beaver’s cheese. And then there was a big scary frog, but then him come to the house, him open the door and then there was Batman in it. And then him just walk out of the door and say, “Hmm, that not a good friend.” And him didn’t want a superhero so him find a house and then him open the door. And then there was this guy who had a mask, and he wasn’t a superhero so they was friends. And then there was a cat so him had a friend cat. There was a robot in him other house, it a good robot. But then there was a chair, it got broken when somebody sit on it too hard. That the end.

Once upon a time there was one tiny robot. And him had a robot mask, and it was so brown. And him body was so pink. Him walk down the road and there was a man holding some fish and him asked, “Do you want some fish?” and him said, “Yes, get me some fish.” And him say, “here this is my house.” And then him walk down the driveway (the guy with the fish, not the robot.) And them walk up him driveway, him light a fire because it was so dark out and he gave the fire to all of his kids. Then him fall asleep. That was the end.