Project Canvas is an amazing opportunity for teenage writers who want to share what they know with other young writers.

Project Canvas is also the name of an online project organizer tool, but I am talking about “Project Canvas: A collaborative writing project. Vision: to create a book of writing advice ​and inspiration for fellow writers.” -quoted from Project Canvas website.

I did not have any part in creating this but I am in full support of it, so here’s the basics:

The Creators of Project Canvas (Caroline Meek and Olivia Rogers) want to publish a book of advice and inspiration, written by and for teen writers. They have compiled a list of topics and they want other kids to write articles covering these topics. Are you really good at coming up with character names? Are you really good at staying motivated while you write? At proofreading your work? At brainstorming outlines? How do you do it? Write it down, send it in. Maybe it’s a friend of yours that is good at writing, send the info to them and see if they are interested. Write about anything, anything that could be helpful to a young writer who is just starting out, and anything that you wish you had known when you first started writing.

How to submit:

You can find a list of suggested topics here or create your own, then submit this google form with the details. Then you can start writing. The articles should be between 200 and 2000 words long, should have a title and should have an authour’s name under said title and you will need to submit an authour bio. You can submit your work via Google Docs or email (Caroline:, Olivia:, Twitter (@carolinedmeek or @livtherog) or Facebook (Caroline Meek or Olivia Rogers).


The Creators have not been able to find a way to properly compensate everyone for their writing work, the best they have been able to come up with is to give each participant an authour’s discount (50-70%) when ordering the finished book off of Amazon, which you can make money off of by ordering at the discount and reselling to friends at full price.

Other ways to help:

Project Canvas will also need a cover for the published book, if you like to design things like that, feel free to submit your idea to Caroline or Olivia using the addresses listed above.
They will also need to edit everyone’s articles for typos and grammatical errors, if editing is your thing, please also contact Project Canvas for more information on this.


Articles should be submitted to Project Canvas by May 1st 2017, or sooner if you can so that they have time to edit and proofread everything.

That’s it!

If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments, send a message to Caroline or Olivia, or take a look at their website. All the information in this post has come either from the Project Canvas website or from my conversation with Caroline.