Who are we?


Our names are Hannah and Ezra, we are 15-year-old twins who homeschool.

We used to live in British Columbia, Canada, we now live in sunny Costa Rica.

Our family includes: our little brother, Mom and Dad, Kiko, Dori, Molly, Ginny and Tauntaun (our five chickens), Cleo, Luna, Fen and Gimli (our goats), and Pippin, Petra and Katniss (our cats).

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Which wp theme are you using on your website? Is it from these guys by any chance:

    Hannah and Ezra

    No, It’s a WordPress template. Is WordPress in association with nuttythemes? I saw some of the WordPress templates on the website…
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I’m following! I’m thrilled for you! What an exciting life! I’ll come visit…. xo


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