About the Artist:

Hannah Costello was born in Saskatoon and grew up in British Columbia, Canada. At the age of thirteen, Hannah moved with her family to Costa Rica, and she decided she would become an author soon after. A proud homeschooled kid, she taught herself to become a better writer with the help of her mom, the internet, and her favourite books. In high school she delved into creative writing courses and had her work published on a few writing blogs, received an Honourable Mention in a contest, and contributed to the novel, Project Canvas: Writing Advice & Motivation from Young Writers Around the World.

Hannah loves describing the indescribable and taking the things we know and twisting them into something else. While she procrastinates writing, she dreams of the day her name will appear on the cover of a book, and hopes that her words will help at least one person navigate this mess we call ‘life.’

She draws and takes photos in her spare time, or when she needs a creative break. Hannah owns an unhealthy number of pencil crayons which she uses for all her colouring, and can never find a graphite pencil to draw with because her brothers steal them. Mostly she draws faces and photographs sunsets, as well as sketching her brother’s weird ideas and trying to make sure pictures of her parents exist.

Art has always been a part of Hannah’s life, and she likes to experiment with all different facets of it. She has attempted wood-carving, wire sculpture, paint, pastels, collage, digital art, textile work, and who knows what else, throughout several homeschooled art classes and many DIY projects, but most often she draws with her family and hoards her pencil crayons like a good little dragon.

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