Hello, Ezra here.

These are bits and pieces of stuff that other people have done that we like.

A fellow Home-Schooler we know made a Youtube series with the help of his dad about how to start off on a Minecraft world. The name of the series is called “Minecraft for noobs (Cartoon) by Alex85552100”. Think of it what you will, but it has good animating and is quite useful if you’re a newbie.

YES! This is me and Hannah. I don’t care if this isn’t about other people, I had to put this in here.

Now, this is a good bunch of videos here. For more information on this series, see my post: “On my way to a Minecraft map!” in the ‘Coding’ or ‘Gaming’ categories. Just note: these videos can be scary, as they are about a horror map.

I have no real purpose in putting this on besides it being awesome. ALL of Element Animation’s videos are awesome. You should check some of them out.

footnote: Hello from Dec. 23, 2015. It appears this video doesn’t exist anymore. I will replace it soon. Thank you.


If you know any really good videos, tell us by commenting on this post and we might add them to this list!