Well, it’s that time of year. There is snow on the ground here in Kelowna, and all anyone can think about is the holiday of the season… the time for family and friends to come together and reflect on the really important stuff. The joyous day that will come in only a few days now.

We all know which day I’m talking about…

December 17, the premier of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

I don’t know about you guys, but despite only seeing each movie 1-3 times, hating the clone wars cartoon and only seeing one episode of Star Wars Rebels, I love Star Wars. The only thing that might be as exciting as this this month is the prospect of Newtonmas, my family’s kind of replacement of Christmas (which, for religious reasons, I have never celebrated) inspired by one of our favorite comedy series, the Big Bang Theory.

We are going to give each other physics related/geeky gifts and have to explain HOW they are physics related. Then Hannah and me are going to give a short presentation on Newtonian physics… which we decided to do in the form of a whiteboard animation demonstrating Newton’s laws of motion! (coming soon to quewhatnow.com and Youtube). Then we will spread Lego out on the floor and watch Big Bang Theory and eat Fig Newtons and stuff. Sounds like a boring and childish rip off of Christmas to you?

You’re no fun.

Okay, so I guess that makes for two exciting events this month. But I am super excited about the premier for Star Wars. After all, It is the first premier I’ve gone to (I think) and it’s from one of my favorite franchises.

star wars pic

I just hope they don’t screw it up like they did the prequels…that would make the fans go cruel. I mean, after Jar Jar Binks came along, all the fans are pretty on the edge I think.vader

I will write a bit of a review on the movie right after I watch it.

See you then!