Hello. Ezra here.

I wanted to ask all the Minecrafters reading this post (or the people who don’t play Minecraft for some incomprehensible reason [translation: buy Minecraft.]) a question: What is the smallest entity in Vanilla Minecraft?

Bat? Nuh-uh. Endermite? No. Baby chicken? Nope. Particle effects? Not even close. Give up?

The answer is…. WitherBoss {NoAI:1,Invul:879}


Man. I can almost hear the crickets chirping.

As the command-savvy Minecrafters reading this may have guessed, the writing above is the format for a command. This particular command is a command string I figured out that makes a tiny statue version of the terrifying boss known as the Wither. I am going to write a walk through of this command string for the less command-savvy readers.

The command is typed out like this:



To start writing a command, just push the backslash button (/) and you can start typing your command. /summon will prepare you to summon an entity, and the word WitherBoss will specify that the entity you want to summon is a Wither. (Or you can type Pig or Bat or EntityHorse or VillagerGolem or whatever other entity instead of WitherBoss, but  this command won’t make anything but the Wither tiny.) the wavy lines (~ ~ ~) are coordinates in relation to the source in an X Y Z format. So if I wrote ~ ~2 ~, the Wither would two blocks above my head. If I wrote ~ ~-2 ~, the Wither would spawn two blocks below me.

Now comes the most important bit. If you do this wrong, then you are almost guaranteed to have a super-powerful, flying, explosive-throwing monster bombing your world. So PAY ATTENTION!

{NoAI:1} means no artificial intelligence. It means you are spawning in a variant of the Wither: a version with no brain. This good for you, because a Wither with it’s brain still in it’s head is a psychotic pyromaniac who flies and makes things (“things” being you, your friends and your pets) go boom.

Finally, we come to the ,Invul:879} part of the command. This is the part that makes the Wither tiny. What it is saying is that this Wither is in stage 879 of growth, counting down to adulthood.

This is what you get:


Can you see the little black spec in between the top and left hand notches of the cross hairs? You can? THAT’S the Wither, and I think any optometrist would agree with me that if you can see it, you do not need glasses. It took me a LONG TIME to see this little sucker the first time. This is a larger version of what you have just seen (or not seen, as the case may be).


Something that the readers should know: I lied about this being the smallest entity in Minecraft. It is the smallest version o this entity that I could still see. You can make a version even SMALLER than this!

There is one more, crucially important step to creating this extraordinary creature: decide that it’s name is Squishy and call it that forever. If you do not know why you have named this potential psychotic killing machine Squishy, watch the Pixar classic Finding Nemo. If you do not know what Finding Nemo is, please locate the nearest eight-year-old with awesome parents and ask him about it. Anyway, name him Squishy.

Also note: It is completely normal for this creature to make weird noises, smoke and bubble and possibly change which direction it is facing. It is NOT normal or it to grow drastically, flash, change color, explode, take damage, move or act hostile in any way. These are the behaviors of a fully functioning Wither Boss, who, as I may have mentioned earlier, Is a homicidal Boss monster that wants to kill you. If your tiny Wither starts acting like this, I reeeeeeaaaaly strongly suggest you use this command against it:


If done right, this will kill all the Withers in your world. If done wrong, It will most likely become an unavoidable and unstoppable doomsday device and will instantly kill every living thing currently existing in your world (namely every player, every living thing within a large radius of that player and possibly anything living anywhere any player has previously stepped foot).