Your “Que What Now”

Hello from your friends on the other side of the continent!
Hello again! Ezra here from Que What Now, hailing to you guys from Costa Rica for the first time! First off, I would like to apologize for not writing a [...]
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My kingdom will be 20%-50% CAKE and RAINBOWS!
Hello, Ezra here, and I want to point out it doesn’t have to be cake. It can be clouds or sparkles or theme parks or something. I feel I should [...]
The title got your attention, huh? Hello, Ezra here, and today I want to discuss something that is every bit as important as the title implies, and that is [...]
Hello again! This is Ezra, and this is where you can write about any weird, strange or totally awesome things that you have done. If you’ve ever been [...]