Project Canvas
Project Canvas is an amazing opportunity for teenage writers who want to share what they know with other young writers. Project Canvas is also the name of [...]
WTA? (Why The Acronyms?)
Ok, I have a little bit of a rant today, I don’t understand why people use weird, useless acronyms. gtg, nm, brb, hbu, nvm, afk, lol, np, rn, rofl, [...]
Stories from a Three-Year-Old
I, Hannah, wrote this as my little brother told it. Here are a three-year-old’s stories:   Once upon a time there was a beaver. And then there [...]
Begin Again
Begin Again   A long time ago, in a time long forgotten, there was such thing as a monarchy. Each country was ruled by its own king and queen, they [...]
A Book Snob’s Rambles
Ok, so if you have met us then you already know this, but, if you haven’t, you may not have figured it out yet: We -being me and my family- are book [...]
5 Costa Rica Myths
When people think of Costa Rica, or any place for that matter, they have this picture in their head, I would like to address whether the things in this [...]
Sneak Peek Ideas for the Minecraft Map!
Hello, Ezra here, and today I am writing¬†my current plans for the scary Minecraft Map I’m going to try to make this school year. I don’t have [...]