Other People’s Awesomeness

Project Canvas
Project Canvas is an amazing opportunity for teenage writers who want to share what they know with other young writers. Project Canvas is also the name of [...]
XKCD (No, that’s not gibberish)
Hello, Ezra here, and today I would just like to say that I have discovered a rather cool website called Xkcd. It is run by a guy named Randall Munroe and [...]
Star Wars movie declared good! Fans everywhere rejoice! (spoilers!)
Hello, Ezra here, and today I have one thing to tell you about … Star Wars. (If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read any farther.) I was [...]
Other people’s stuff that we happen to like
Hello, Ezra here. These are bits and pieces of stuff thatĀ otherĀ people have done that we like. A fellow Home-Schooler we know made a Youtube series with [...]