“Journal Entries”

Baby Chickens!
So, our family wants to be as self-sufficient as possible on our little farm in the jungle. We have chickens that are giving us eggs every day, we have [...]
10 Things That Make Hannah Happy
There are many things that can make anyone happy. I was simply thinking about it the other day. And thus, here is a random, completely irrelevant, for no [...]
A Book Snob’s Rambles
Ok, so if you have met us then you already know this, but, if you haven’t, you may not have figured it out yet: We -being me and my family- are book [...]
Here Kitty Kitty
This is definitely one of the stranger ways I have ever gotten a pet. Most of the time, when someone wants a cat they will do one of a few things. They [...]
Here’s what’s happening in our own little tropical paradise….
Hello everyone! Ezra here, and I’m happy to tell you about the stuff that has happened since I wrote my last blog. You can expect this kind of follow [...]
Hello from your friends on the other side of the continent!
Hello again! Ezra here from Que What Now, hailing to you guys from Costa Rica for the first time! First off, I would like to apologize for not writing a [...]
Dear Diary: Moving in a week & Hannah messed herself up.
Hello, Ezra here, and WOW has the last little while been exciting. To start off, a week from now I will be in Costa Rica in our new house. On the [...]
My kingdom will be 20%-50% CAKE and RAINBOWS!
Hello, Ezra here, and I want to point out it doesn’t have to be cake. It can be clouds or sparkles or theme parks or something. I feel I should [...]
The title got your attention, huh? Hello, Ezra here, and today I want to discuss something that is every bit as important as the title implies, and that is [...]
XKCD (No, that’s not gibberish)
Hello, Ezra here, and today I would just like to say that I have discovered a rather cool website called Xkcd. It is run by a guy named Randall Munroe and [...]
Costa Rica Animals Save the Canadians
Star Wars movie declared good! Fans everywhere rejoice! (spoilers!)
Hello, Ezra here, and today I have one thing to tell you about … Star Wars. (If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read any farther.) I was [...]
The Highlight of the Season! (no, it’s not Christmas)
Well, it’s that time of year. There is snow on the ground here in Kelowna, and all anyone can think about is the holiday of the season… the [...]