Dear Diary: Moving in a week & Hannah messed herself up.
Hello, Ezra here, and WOW has the last little while been exciting. To start off, a week from now I will be in Costa Rica in our new house. On the [...]
My kingdom will be 20%-50% CAKE and RAINBOWS!
Hello, Ezra here, and I want to point out it doesn’t have to be cake. It can be clouds or sparkles or theme parks or something. I feel I should [...]
I am INVINCIBLE! (Minecraft commands; /effect)
Hello, Ezra here, and today I will be telling you how to give yourself super powers, how to be nasty to your friends and enemies and how to make your [...]
Woah, wait… Ezra plays Minecraft!?
The title was sarcastic. OF COURSE I PLAY MINECRAFT! That’s basically all I’ve written about on this website! Ugh… never mind. Hello, [...]
Sneak Peek Ideas for the Minecraft Map!
Hello, Ezra here, and today I am writing¬†my current plans for the scary Minecraft Map I’m going to try to make this school year. I don’t have [...]
Epic Enchantments
Hola! Have you ever thought that it would be cool to have a Minecraft bow with Power 1000? Did you even know that such a thing was possible? I had never [...]
How to get Doom! (Of course you know who Doom is, everyone does! …Right?)
My skeleton horse, silly! Everyone knows that I have two pets in Minecraft; my dog, Darkseid, and my undead horse, Doom! Right guys? ….Right? Hello, [...]
On my way to a Minecraft Map!
Hello, Ezra here. One thing you guys should know; one of my biggest goals for this year is to create an original scary Minecraft map and a matching [...]
Summoning the smallest creature in Minecraft!
Hello. Ezra here. I wanted to ask all the Minecrafters reading this post (or the people who don’t play Minecraft for some incomprehensible reason [...]
Minecraft Animals Riding Other Animals?
Hannah here, If you play Minecraft, then you know that sometimes you will see a “Spider Jockey” (a skeleton riding a spider) or a baby zombie [...]