Hello again! This is Ezra, and this is where you can write about any weird, strange or totally awesome things that you have done. If you’ve ever been put in an asylum, ridden a giant tortoise, built a 3 story blanket fort, kept a snowball in your freezer until September and pelted someone with it, lit your pants on fire, got abducted by aliens, spent a while living in a tree or something else weird and awesome like that, then do two things.

1:Put yourself in a loony bin. If you’ve done any of the things I just listed (assuming you weren’t just hallucinating) then you’re probably best off in an insanity asylum, because you must be absolutely bananas.

2: Write us your story! If you’re seeking to impress us (“us” being the crazy people who write stuff on this website), your story must be really crazy. We want to see it!

So don’t wait! Tell us your “que what now” story by commenting below!