Hello everyone! Ezra here, and I’m happy to tell you about the stuff that has happened since I wrote my last blog. You can expect this kind of follow up a lot more nowadays as it has been decided that I should write a new blog every week. So get ready to never get tired of my beautiful poetic ramblings here on Que What Now, ’cause I’m gonna be writing about what I’m doing a lot more.

First off, I just want to mention the fact that Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is out in theaters here, and so I assume it’s out in theaters just about everywhere. I haven’t seen it yet, but I intend to sometime this week. But don’t judge me on that! I am not particularly fond of stupid action movies where there is barely ten minutes worth of plot line in it and the rest is punching and shooting. I like a good plot in my movie. And it is partly due to these reasons that I don’t like the movie “Man of Steel”, the movie that “Dawn of Justice” is the sequel of. It was completely mindless and ruined the superman character in my opinion. And I am convinced that even though Batman Vs Superman has about two and a half hours of screen time in which they could shove some plot line in, I have no doubt that this movie will be every bit as action filled and dull minded.

So why, you may ask, do I want to see this movie if I think it will be a bad movie? the answer is simple: I’m going for the characters. This movie stars Wonder Woman, who I never have heard of being in a movie, Lex Luthor, A devious genius who is one of Superman’s most respectable villains, Batman, who puts on mech armor and fights kryptonians (Batman needs no more introduction. The idea of Batman in mech armor fighting kryptonians is epic enough for me to be looking forward to a large chunk of the stupid action in the movie.), and Doomsday, starring in his first live action movie. Of course, when I mentioned that to my best friend he pointed out that Doomsday was going to be portrayed with gratuitous use  of CGI and is therefor not really that live action AND I recently learned that Doomsday starred in a season finale of the series called “Smallville”, so I guess a more accurate deduction would be that this is Doomsday’s first full movie where he wasn’t two dimensional. Anyways, it’s exciting, especially since Doomsday is one of my all time favorite DC Universe villains. I mean, come on…… how can anyone not fall in love with this face?


It is because of all the brilliant characters that I must see this movie, in the off chance that they might portray them well. You guys can expect a full review some time in the next couple weeks. All I can say is that as they are probably going to completely butcher one of my favorite comic villains origin stories and character, My review might not be very nice.

I am sorry to report that we have finished our ongoing experiment and released Nim back into the wild. We were all very upset but we figured it was best to let our insectoid, brain-sucking little freak live her life. I will share videos and pictures of her here on Que What Now when our wifi gets stronger (which should happen in the next few weeks). The name of our pet, and the name of a populer character from the Harry Potter franchise, will be forever captured in my game, Crashlands, in the form of my second docile Glutterfly, Nimphadora. Maybe you guys can’t appreciate how big this is, but this is a BIG DEAL. I take my Crashlands pats very seriously.

A little while back I saw my first bullfight. Matadors, Rodeos, etc. It mostly just made me feel bad for the bulls. What was interesting was how many kids- perhaps twelve to fourteen years old- would jump INTO THE RING while the bull was there! At one point the bull had thrown off it’s rider and he had left so there was a fairly nasty bull in the ring with no Matador, and eventually, one by one, these kids started climbing down the rails and taunting the bull; some staying on the rails, some stepping out a little and running back at the first sign of danger and some who actually FOUGHT the bull. One kid in particular almost certainly had training, actually dodging the bull. He almost got trampled at least twice. And then shortly after that they released a smaller bull- a calf, really- so some of the smaller kids could participate. At first it seemed a little defiant, actually charging a couple of times, but as it got more timid and uneasy, more kids came, making it more uneasy in a vicious circle…

I apologize to anyone reading who deeply respects the Spanish culture and bullfights. It is a noble tradition, and I mean to offend anyone. But seeing a mob of howling children running after the cow, hoping to hold it or ride it or whatever while it tried to shake them off and run for it’s life, I couldn’t help but compare the scenario to some bizarre zombie movie in which all the undead were tiny and the protagonist was a cow.

We left a little early and later heard that the last rider of the evening was thrown off and trampled and nearly died! As far as I know, he’s still in the hospital. I don’t feel quite so bad for that particular cow….

Well, I believe that’s all for this week. Tune in next time to hear me say “those idiots completely obliterated the Doomsday franchise”! See you then!