Hello, Ezra here, and today we did something very special; experimenting with dry ice! For those who don’t know, dry ice is incredibly cold carbon dioxide, much colder than ordinary ice. But when it melts, it releases lots of carbon dioxide gas and expands into any space it can fit, creating lots of good explosion and smoke effects. So without further ado, lets see some of the experiments we did, because guess what, we recorded most of them in our first ever Youtube video featuring me, Hannah and our family and some friends on this website! Enjoy! (P.S. Don’t turn on subtitles on this video. It says that I say things that I don’t say in the video.)

You can try all of these things with dry ice, hot water, cheap plastic bottles, some bowls and soap. But remember; don’t try this at home!

[Wait. Is that sarcastic? Does that mean that I should try it at home?]

I didn’t say that.

[But is that what you meant?]

Ummm… I specifically said not to try this at home.

[Yeah, but is that what you-]