I am Hannah and sadly, I was not the person who invented this. Someone, I don’t know who, but someone made the most amazing invention ever: the Sprinkle Grinder

Me and my friend actually made one and they are amazing. Especially if you have a bunch of people coming over for dinner, you put out desert and you put out you sprinkle shaker, everyone loves it.

These things are super easy to make: You find an empty pepper grinder, rinse it out, make sure it is completely dry (otherwise the sprinkle stick to the inside, you can use a blow drier to dry the inside of the lid where you can’t get with a towel), cut a pretty piece of paper to the right size and use it as a wall paper so you can’t see the sprinkles, pour your sprinkles in, set the grind size to large and serve with dessert.

Or, since you put the wallpaper on the inside anyways, don’t tell someone what is inside and watch them pour sprinkles onto their dinner instead of pepper.

But the best part is, not a lot of people have thought of doing this so when you show people, they think you’re a genius.

Hope you have fun playing with your dessert.