Hello, Ezra here, and I want to point out it doesn’t have to be cake. It can be clouds or sparkles or theme parks or something.

I feel I should explain. In a matter of weeks Hannah and I will get our brand-new, super-cool server. Hannah and I are in the process of a small, Minecraft-server oriented political debate of our own in order to have it recognized for me to have a large but finite area of our server in which I and I alone rule and can use commands as long as my rule and command use does not directly influence the outside world of Minecraftia, yada yada yada. I drew up an agreement that went on and on like that in an attempt to do everything necessary to keep Hannah happy and still leave some loopholes for myself (don’t tell Hannah). But she hasn’t agreed to it yet.

Of course, it was well after I gave her the agreement that it finally occurred to my to my slow little brain that if I wanted to use commands on the server and Hannah didn’t, and it was our server, then that would put us at an impasse. Now, some people might think that that would just mean that there would be no commands on our server, but that’s just what Hannah wants and my opinion is as valuable as hers and I do want commands. So the most likely thing that would happen is that we would remain at an impasse and not negotiate the building of a finite area to be ruled by me and my commands alone.

Which would allow me to do anything I wanted. I wouldn’t be confined or restricted. Hannah would do anything she wanted- which isn’t very much considering she doesn’t want to use commands- and I could do anything I wanted. And my plans for the server are far more ambitious.

So now I sit, thinking of how much I could do if Hannah and me were at an impasse over the rules of the server while the agreement that I made (that I have to follow to the word if she agrees to it) sits in her room, gathering dust, while she stalls to agree to it. And if she does agree to it- which I’m sure she will before we get our server- then my options on what I can do with commands on our server are dramatically decreased.

So, obsessive rant aside, the long and short is that when we get the server I will build a giant kingdom in which to rule with the power of commands. And I was thinking I would have it divided into themes, like the realms were in The Lego Movie.

I was thinking my kingdom could have three to five different themes ranging from “light and happy” to “dark and scary” to “kinda just normal”. Say, if I were to have five themes, I might have themes like “Cake Land”, “Rainbow Amusement Park”, “Medieval/modern crossover country”, “Space Simulation” and “Dark Scary Forest”. That was two light happy themes, two in-between themes and one dark scary theme. Come to think of it, I think I’ll definitely keep the “medieval/modern cross” theme and build a big castle for myself in it.

But that still leaves two to four themes left to decide, and I want you guys to help me! I need more light, dark and normal(ish) themes to put in my realm. So tell me any themes you can think of that fit those categories in the comments below and they might be put in my kingdom!

See you soon!