My skeleton horse, silly! Everyone knows that I have two pets in Minecraft; my dog, Darkseid, and my undead horse, Doom! Right guys? ….Right?

Hello, Ezra here, and no, no one really knows my horse is named Doom. But word will get around eventually, and THEN I can make fun of people for not knowing who doom is. I mean, where will they be living at that point of time in the future, under a rock? Honestly….

Oh. Sorry. Got off topic. let’s see…

To summon my beloved steed Doom, who, by the way, was on the previous logo of this website (and Doom being on the logo of a website is cool, which makes Doom cool, which makes YOU cool if you get Doom, which makes Doom popular, which makes Doom more cool, which means you’re just one in a bunch of people who owns Doom, which makes you less cool, which adjusts more attention to Doom, which makes Doom more cool. It’s a great deal! For Doom, I mean), type this in:


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.24.41 PM

Sorry. That’s kind of a fuzzy image. The command is:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:4,CustomName:”Doom”,Tame:1,SaddleItem:{id:329}}

“/summon EntityHorse” makes you summon an ordinary horse. the “~ ~ ~” part indicates where I want it to appear. “{Type:4” makes it a skeleton horse. “CustomName:”Doom”,Tame:1″ names the horse Doom and tames it. “SaddleItem:{id:329}” gives the horse a saddle.

So get Doom now and rub it in your friends’s faces that you know how to summon him and they don’t, until you realize that other people got him as well and you are not unique in owning Doom.

Image result for video game failing screen

Sorry. I felt a little sarcastic when I wrote this post. Forgive the attitude.

Long story short, if you want this to be you:


Then all you have to do is follow the easy command instructions above, or better yet copy the command I wrote above and paste it into a command block on your world!

Maniacal laugh,