Have you ever thought that it would be cool to have a Minecraft bow with Power 1000? Did you even know that such a thing was possible? I had never really thought about it until recently so then I tried to figure out how to do it using commands..

Usually, if you were enchanting something with a command, you would hold the item you want to enchant (say, a bow) in your hand and type in:

/enchant playername 48 5

You type in whatever your Minecraft username is and then write ’48 5′, 48 is the minecraft enchantment id for ‘Power’ and the 5 makes it power 5.

This command works perfectly well if you want normal Minecraft enchantments, you know, Power 5, Infinity 1, Knockback 3. But these only work as well as an enchanting table or enchanted book, what if you want Power 500? Or Power 10000000000? This command simply will not enchant something higher than level 5, or even level 3 on some things. If you want the most epic bow (and pre-named too) then you have to use a different command:

/give playername bow 1 0 {display:{Name:whatevernameyouwant}, ench:[{id:48, lvl:1000},{id:50, lvl:1000}]}

All you need to do is press Ctrl + C to copy the command above and then go into the chat bar in your game and press Ctrl + V to paste, and a Power 1000, Flame 1000 bow named ‘whatevernameyouwant’ will magically appear in your inventory.Of course to give your bow different abilities all you need is the id number. And for your convenience, I have written the id numbers for all the enchantments here for you:


0 | Protection
1 | Fire Protection
2 | Feather Falling
3 | Blast Protection
4 | Projectile Protection
5 | Respiration
6 | Aqua Affinity
7 | Thorns
8 | Depth Strider

34 | Unbreaking


16 | Sharpness
17 | Smite
18 | Bane Of Arthropods
19 | Knockback
20 | Fire Aspect
21 | Looting

34 | Unbreaking


32 | Efficiency
33 |Silk Touch
34 | Unbreaking
35 | Fortune


48 | Power
49 | Punch
50 | Flame
51 | Infinity

Fishing Rods

61 | Luck of the Sea
62 | Lure


And as you can tell because I didn’t start this post with “Hello Ezra Here”, it was written by me,