Hello, Ezra here, and WOW has the last little while been exciting.

To start off, a week from now I will be in Costa Rica in our new house. On the twenty-fourth we will be go to the Kelowna airport and catch a plane to Calgary, where we will stay for a couple hours before riding a plane straight to San Jose. From there we will take a few hours and drive down to our new house, meaning that by the twenty-fifth we will be living in Central America.

Yesterday morning I felt the first pang of panic over moving since we were deciding whether or not we were actually going to move at all. Despite my new found nervousness, I’m still very excited about this. After all, we will still visit home regularly, we have all the stuff we need, we can do more with our property there AND we’re no more then an hour from basically anything we want: food, a good mall, great beaches and a reptile farm with an honest-to-god Komodo Dragon in it! I mean, who wouldn’t love that?

And the property is quite beautiful by itself. I mean, it’s got farmland and a waterfall and, if I remember correctly, a big front gate.And when I really think about it, I’m not really afraid of losing friends. Yes, it’s sad that I won’t see them as often, but all my true friends will keep in touch. Actually, keeping in touch will my friends should be exceptionally easy what with the privat Minecraft server we will own soon.

…Which brings us to our second topic.

If you read the post entitled “My kingdom will be 20%-50% cake and rainbows”, you will know that I wrote a long… contract of sorts regarding how we will rule the server. I left a fair bit of wiggle room for myself in the agreement but also wrote everything Hannah wanted in it (or so I thought). Then I signed it (yes, I signed it. I took it very seriously.) and put it in her room.

About a week later I realized that, because of a loophole, I actually had more options if Hannah didn’t agree to it. And, stupidly, I told her that. So I had to wait for weeks, thinking about how she would eventually agree to it because the alternative was much worse. I had signed it, so I couldn’t argue if she agreed to it. I couldn’t get rid of it because it was in her room and I didn’t want to be the kind of person that went through her stuff to take back something I gave her. I was completely tied up.

Then today she pulled out that sheet of paper for perhaps the second time ever, read it over and decided that she wanted to add a clause to it. She was just about to write it when I came in and saw her holding a pencil over my agreement and I asked what she was doing. She said that she was going to add something. I said she couldn’t, and she said that if she couldn’t add something on, then she wouldn’t sign it.

She had completely forgotten that it worked to her disadvantage to sign my agreement.

I then suggested a compromise: I erased my signature (I should have done it afterward instead of before, but oh well) and said that she could add a clause to the agreement if I could keep my signature erased unless I saw fit to agree to the clause and the rest of the paper. I checked to make sure she was okay with this no less than four times in order for me to be 100% sure that I could get away with what I was trying to do. She agreed to my compromise every time.

That’s when I started cracking up, immediately followed by Hannah’s rather cliched yet hilarious and satisfying cry of “Hey, wait a minute!” which, in turn, was followed by me running down the stairs in hysterics.

I can do whatever I want when the new server comes! Huzzah!

And I think that’s all for today; moving to a beautiful new property and Hannah kinda screwed herself over.

More Posts coming soon!