The title got your attention, huh?

Hello, Ezra here, and today I want to discuss something that is every bit as important as the title implies, and that is what I name my pig.

You see, a short while after me and Hannah move to Costa Rica, we are going to start a farm on which our two personal pet pigs will live,which we will acquire because after a certain unnamed family member who is definitely not Hannah had a nervous breakdown over moving. This unnamed family member only completely calmed down after being given reassurances, several talks, several days and the promise of a quad, a surfboard and a pig upon arriving. Of course, I, who was originally skeptical of the moving plan but was convinced it was a good idea by the time that the breakdown occurred, was of the opinion that I should ALSO get a pig and stuff. So when we move, we are going to have a family quad and personal surfboards and pigs.

So the question remains- what should I name my pig?

I was thinking that I might name it Reuben- which is not a particularly GOOD name or anything but happens to be the name of the coolest pig I know. In fact, Reuben’s coolness among pigs is only challenged by George, the Minecraft pig hailing from Element Animation’s youtube series called An Egg’s Guide To Minecraft.

George becomes more animated, develops more character and plays a bigger role to the story in episode 15, which was made about a year after part 14.

Reuben is also a Minecraft pig. He can be found in the video game Minecraft Story Mode (which is actually a game unto itself and is not a part of Minecraft). I may be king of biased as I watch a lot of his videos, but I think that Reuben is best showcased in the Let’s-play video made by Dan from The Diamond Minecart.

I don’t want to spoil it, but much like George, Reuben’s usefulness to the plot is greatly enhanced in later episodes of DanTDM’s Minecraft Story Mode series.

So I think I will name my pig Reuben, but if you have any name ideas then please tell us in the comments below and I will consider using it as my pig’s name, and if any of your friend’s have good pig-name-ideas then please direct them to so they can have a vote too. We’ll see who will get to name the pig in a few weeks!

And by the way, in case you didn’t get it; when I said “a-pig-alyptic” in the title I was playing off the word “apocalyptic”, but we were… talking about pigs… so I slotted it… in… Oh, never mind.

More posts coming soon!