So, our family wants to be as self-sufficient as possible on our little farm in the jungle. We have chickens that are giving us eggs every day, we have trees that are giving/will give us fruit, and goats that will have kids soon and will therefore give us milk for butter and cheese and yogurt and such.

I explained in my post about chickens that we had gotten some meat birds before that we then had to dispatch of and they were delicious. We then got laying hens for eggs but mom pointed out that if we are trying to be self-sufficient, raising meat birds might not be a bad idea. So yesterday, while we were in town, we picked up six new baby chicks.

We had baby chicks for about twenty minutes before we had them all named and had found identifying features on all of them (which is surprisingly difficult to do when you have six black puffballs to work with). So now, along with our hens (Dori, Hamster, Soup and Kiko) and our rooster (Tauntaun), we have Mumble, Gloria, Rico, Whatsherface, Bubble and Zazzles.

A while ago I saw a picture of pygmy hedgehogs pretending to be muffins. After much time and much nagging I finally got Ezra to come help me take a picture of the chickens being muffins. How hard can it be? You put a muffin tin out, you put a little chicken food in the cups, you put the chickens in, you take a picture. Apparently it’s harder than it sounds…

You can see five little chickies in that picture, and while the others were all failing at being muffins, Gloria was snuggling with Ezra:

And so, Hannah just wasted a whole bunch of time taking pictures of baby chickens and creating memes from them and writing a post about it. I would say I have wasted the afternoon, but I got to play with chickens and say the word ‘muffin’ a lot so I have no regrets.