Hello, Ezra here.

One thing you guys should know; one of my biggest goals for this year is to create an original scary Minecraft map and a matching resource pack.

I was originally inspired to do this by an amazing Minecraft horror map created by “Xander369” and “Charlie-309” called Alien: A Crafter’s Isolation [Insert preferred cliche scary noise here]. It is a Minecraft reconstruction of Alien: Isolation (which I have not played), which is a video game based on the 1979 film Alien (which I have not watched). I first saw it in the narration by Paulsoaresjr, famous Minecraft Youtuber. To see the four-part miniseries narration, click This incredibly convenient provided link right here or the example provided at the bottom of this post or on the “Other people’s stuff we happen to like” page. Be warned though; it is a horror map. Some may find the videos scary (duh), especially the first time they watch it. I’m totally over it now, but the first time I saw this map in play I was freaked. And same thing for the first time I played it. So… be warned.

Right now, I hope to have made a completely original Minecraft Horror map and resource pack by the end of this school year. Right now, my plot line idea is to- no, wait! I’m going to be terrible and leave you all wondering what my plot idea is! HAHAHAHAHA! Why? Well, either because the plot line is not fully developed, I don’t think you guys care, or I’m just plain crazy. Take your pick, because they’re all true. (Oh shoot- I don’t think I should have said that.)

Anyways, I am also learning different command systems so I can use them on my map. If you can suggest useful command strings I could use on my map, I might write a post on how to create a land bound, peaceful ghast!

Thank you, and attempt to stay sane (or don’t. I don’t care.),