Hello, Ezra here, and I feel I have to issue a disclaimer.

Hannah wrote a post stating how we can’t actually write about coding because it’s too complicated to put on a blog or whatever. (Man… I probably should have actually read Hannah’s post before I went on a rant on it. Oops.)

Anyway, we found this perfect website to learn Java Script, C++, Python and a bunch of other coding languages! It gives awesome tutorials on how to make your own creations using any of these code languages. It’s called Techrocket, and it has single handedly taught me the basics of Java (not Java Script. I mean, it’s completely obvious that Java is a totally different thing than Java Script.)


I have to tell you that this website isn’t all “show” either. I’ve only gotten a little way into the courses on this website and I can tell you that it’s very interesting and helpful. And it’s all %100 BLOG-ABLE! (Bloggable? bloggy? blog compatible? Oh, never mind.)

You guys should try it!