Hannah here,

If you play Minecraft, then you know that sometimes you will see a “Spider Jockey” (a skeleton riding a spider) or a baby zombie riding a chicken. If you don’t play Minecraft, then this article won’t be of much use to you and I ask you to please consider looking at one of our other posts.

You only ever see animals or mobs riding each other in these two instances. But you can use a certain command to make any animal ride another.

If you type (make sure you copy this exactly):

/summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Spider}}

… into your chat bar, that will make a Spider Jockey, so if you type:

/summon Rabbit ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Chicken, Riding:{id:Bat}}}

… into your chat bar, do you know what that makes? A bunny riding a chicken riding a bat! (Come on, tell me that’s not awesome.) You have now made an Animal Stack. You can replace these with any animals you want, as long as you keep the right format:

/summon Cow ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Pig, Riding:{id:Bat}}}

Which creates this:



Just as long as you remember that the animal on the bottom of the Stack is in charge, so if your bottom animal is a bat then your Stack will fly away. And if you put a pig on the bottom then your Stack will follow carrots.

Tip: If you add, {NoAI:1} into the command ( /summon Bat ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1, Riding:{id:Pig}} ) than it makes the bat into a statue, it won’t move. You have to add it in after each animal individually to make them all into statues,
( /summon Bat ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1, Riding:{id:Pig, NoAI:1}} ) doing this makes for great pictures or awesome museums.

To summon just one entity at a time or to learn other Vanilla Minecraft commands, go to DigMinecraft.com. They have a nice list of commands with easy to follow instructions for actually using them.