Hello, Ezra here, and today I will be telling you how to give yourself super powers, how to be nasty to your friends and enemies and how to make your pets INVINCIBLE! in Minecraft.

All these things can be done with just one command: the /effect command, possibly my favorite stand-alone command. I will show you how to make it work.

1: make sure you are in a creative world or have cheats turned on. Once loaded, press “t” in order to access your chat bar. Write “/effect” into the chat bar (without the quotations).

2: make sure you know who you want to effect. to effect yourself, type “@p”. To effect a specific person, write their name. Like this: “/effect Ratchet2000”. To effect a certain creature, like your pet, type what entity they are and their name. Like this: “/effect @e[type=Villager,name=Gary]”. if you want to effect all players type “@a” and if you want to effect all the living things in the world type “@e”. To effect stuff within a certain radius of you (including you), type “@e[r=5]” or “@a[r=7]” or whatever. For the sake of demonstration, I’m going to say that I wanted to effect myself and type “/effect @p”.

3: decide what you want to effect yourself with. Each effect is identified as a number. Here is an index for them:

“/effect @p 1” will give you speed.

“/effect @p 2” will give you slowness.

“/effect @p 3” will give you haste. (If you don’t know what haste is, look it up.)

“/effect @p 4” will give you miner’s fatigue.

“/effect @p 5” will give you strength.

“/effect @p 6” will give you

“/effect @p 7” will give you

“/effect @p 8” will give you jump boost. When reading step 5, note that you shouldn’t put the strength to below 70.

“/effect @p 9” will give you nausea. This one is REALLY good for trolling your friends without hurting them.

“/effect @p 10” will give you regeneration. Effecting yourself with this is step one to becoming INVINCIBLE!

“/effect @p 11” will give you resistance. This is step 2 to becoming INVINCIBLE!

“/effect @p 12” will give you fire resistance.

“/effect @p 13” will give you water breathing.

“/effect @p 14” will give you invisibility.

“/effect @p 15” will give you blindness. Again- good for trolling.

“/effect @p 16” will give you night vision. I enjoy giving myself this whenever I can.

“/effect @p 17” will give you hunger.

“/effect @p 18” will give you weakness.

“/effect @p 19” will give you poison.

“/effect @p 20” will give you Wither.

“/effect @p 21” will give you health boost.

“/effect @p 22” will give you absorption.

“/effect @p 23” will give you saturation.

more effects will come in the 1.9 update for Minecraft.

4: now it’s time to specify how long I want an effect to last. This is measured in seconds, going from 0 (instant and non-lasting) to 9999 (9999 seconds. Obviously.). If you type that you want it to last for 10000 seconds, most of the time it will just keep the effect on you until you either die or take it off. for example, if I gave myself speed for 10000 seconds and then gave myself speed for one second, then the speed would go away after one second. DO NOT TRY THIS ON A MULTIPLAYER WORLD. If you effect yourself with something for 10000 seconds on a multiplayer server, you have it until you die. in case of an emergency, type “/kill” to kill yourself. For the sake of our demonstration, lets say I gave myself strength for 10000 seconds. It is typed like this: “/effect @p 5 10000”.

5: Now decide how MUCH of an effect you want. For example; a normal strength potion makes your melee attacks %130 stronger. I’m not sure, but I think that means if you effect yourself with strength times 1, your attacks will be %130 stronger. If you effect yourself with strength the maximum amount of times possible (255 times)…. It’s formidable. Let’s say I wanted strength times 255. I’d type out this: “/effect @p 5 10000 255”.

6: The last and easiest step. Type “True” on the end if you don’t want bubbles to come out of you and don’t bother if you do want bubbles. If I don’t want bubbles, then the finished command should look like this: “/effect @p 5 10000 255 True”. Then you just press enter.

P.S. How to become INVINCIBLE!

To become INVINCIBLE!, follow the instructions above with these commands;

/effect @p 10 10000 255 True

/effect @p 11 10000 255 True

I hope this comes in handy for you Minecrafters out there!