I would like to say (since I am much more interested in coding than Ezra is) that sadly there isn’t really anything to write about. I want to learn Java, one of the basic programming languages. Android is based out of Java as is Minecraft.

I can’t just write about coding the same way I do about Minecraft commands. For Minecraft, I can write a command in a post, let you copy and paste it into your game and suddenly you have something amazing. Commands are little pieces of code that take only one line to make something cool happen, and anyone who has the game can make it happen.

With coding, it takes several lines of code to do anything at all and only people with the right software can make it work, and you have to understand exactly what everything does to make it work. You can’t just copy and paste a line of code into something else and make it work.

I can’t really tell you what I can do with Java because it doesn’t relate to anything else. It won’t matter to you until I can make a video game or something cool that actually makes sense.

I will make sure I let you know when I can do anything cool but until then,thank you for reading everything we write and please let me know if there is something you’re interested in and would like to hear more about.