Hello. My name is Ezra, and I don’t like blogging.

Really. I don’t. I don’t like it when people just dump all their “stuff” on the internet so people they don’t know can take an interest in their lives. I mean, I understand the importance of social activity over the internet (even though I’ve never really talked to people over the internet except for a few E-mail messages and a semi-private Minecraft server in possession of me and my twin sister, Hannah, who will also be writing blogs on this site), but some people just sit and blog or go on Facebook or whatever ALL THE TIME. They spend as much time writing about “all the exciting stuff they are doing nowadays” on some blog site as they spend actually DOING the exciting stuff that they keep writing about! I’m still waiting for one of my friends or family members to tell me that they saw a post on Facebook or Twitter that said nothing except that the guy who wrote it had spent some time on Facebook writing posts. Maybe in the future people will put themselves (and others) in incredibly frustrating paradoxes by writing a post about writing the post that they’re writing about and how it’s about the post he’s writing about the post that he’s currently writing.

Wow. Sorry. I Guess I really needed to get a good psychopathic rant out of my system. Anyways…..

Despite me previously not liking blog sites, I’m going to give this blogging thing a shot and dump some “stuff” about me on the internet so people I don’t know can read it. (Who’s idea was this?!!? This doesn’t sound safe at ALL! Doesn’t this counteract the “don’t talk to strangers rule or something?)

Speaking of who’s idea this was, a member of my family encouraged me to create this blog alongside Hannah, saying that a blog about two Minecraft obsessed evil-genius-y twins who love to read, are learning crazy Minecraft commands, are moving to Costa Rica to start a farm and who want to design a video game in the future sounds fun. (Not to brag, but she might have a point.)

So I am hoping to post information that will make you think and might come in handy someday, stories that I hope people may find entertaining and clever witticisms shoved into my writing wherever i think they will be at least a little funny (and if you can’t find the jokes, so be it. I am NOT saying “LOL” at the end of every joke. I could go on a whole OTHER psychotic rant about abbreviations like “LOL”, but maybe later.) . I hope people who are eager to read such things find they’re way to this site and that no one decides to leave a comment about them leaving a comment about the comment they’re leaving.

REALLY hoping this turns out well,


P.S. If you ever start to think “this kid is insane!” (I’m not necessarily arguing about the accusation, but still), just remember: I might be a crazy person, but YOU, dear reader, are the person reading what the crazy person is writing. Ah, but as a member of my family once wrote on a sticky pad on her office door: Relax. We’re all crazy. It’s not a competition. (And yes, she is a professional. Which just makes the note all the more awesome.)