Welcome to Que What Now!

Que What Now


Que, derived from Spanish  ‘Que’

What Now, derived from English ‘What Now’

Word Origin: Hannah came up with it.

Pronoun, Noun

1: Used as an exclamation in response to startling events.
        “Que What Now?!”

2: Used to ask for clarification.
        “Que WHAT Now?”

3: Used as a variation from boring old “what?”
        “Que What Now?”


Hello everyone! My name is Ezra, and I welcome you all to Que What Now, or quewhatnow.com, where me and my sister Hannah will tell you about our adventures in Costa Rica, share our coding and commanding expertise, show you awesome experiments and allow you- yes, specifically you to have an opinion on tons of stuff, from what we do with a Minecraft world to the name of my pet pig. We will give you science, gaming, farming, adventuring, bad whiteboard animation and much more!

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We hope that you have fun here on quewhatnow.com.


Ezra and Hannah